when was siteground hacked



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You will need a backup copy of the to used later removing malicious code.

Before , I on Godaddy and my 2 times there. But after i move my to , I really satisfied about security. team also help me to remove threats from my files i move here and help me make my Unhackable.

Of all the I have managed I have never once had a account . I have had several accounts that hosted elsewhere and it consumes a lot of my time that happens.

Two years ago my on SG and I had to delete all files and upload them again. That wasn’t easy!

Haiku Comment: “My WordPress team to the rescue No Loss, Biz Good, Thanks”. “You the best To heck with the rest it comes to Joomla You da boomah…” Even Shakespeare quoted

The just stayed up. I have a dozen or so low traffic on , apparently getting hit up by spammy bots and brute force .

Premium Backups Restoring your website easy using the .

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1. Joomla! FASTER hosted by . The team has created unique in-house server infrastructure optimized for