what is my wordpress password in siteground



You can reset the for any user via the Toolkit in your cPanel. When you open the tool, click Manage next to the entry for your installation -> Reset Pass.

Leave ‘multi-’ off unless you know exactly what it is, even if you have multiple blogs.

I have quite a few at so I’m happy that you guys have my back if a vulnerability is found before I can get in and fix it.

The tool is application aware, so it knows what files to expect from a installation.

What does it take now to make a run HTTPS properly on ? The answer is: no additional actions needed for newly installed applications, and a single click for already active .

But before we get to that “but”, let’s get an overall feel of what is all about. Company Background.

In this post we’ll take a look at what has to offer and give you a peak at what’s under the hood of their top notch GoGeek Hosting plan.

What our clients think of us.

I hosted with Bluehost for 2 years until moving to GoGeek. Here’s what I think of vs. Bluehost.

To change your cPanel , follow the steps below: Log in your User Area.