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With every new account in , you get one free professional website . Our support agents have broad experience in this as they move hundreds of websites every single day. You can request a by using the Account Setup Wizard.

Reseller . Multiple Accounts Management.

Domain Name Benefits Domain name is an extra service that makes managing your and domains more convenient since it spares you the.

It also boasts unlimited monthly data and a larger storage option (250GB). That’s not to say that ‘s managed WordPress is bad; it’s a fine service.

Now you can access cPanel -> Email accounts of the destination account and check your emails.

In case you have used the promotion, you can order a paid from your User Area -> Support -> Website. You find this article useful? Click here to learn more about web experts and what else we can do for you!

The most convenient way your website’s files to your new web account is via FTP.

Just like many others, will for free your existing website from a previous for 24 hours, in comparison this process may be paid or can take

What sets Managed WordPress apart? If you’re considering managed WordPress , you have a number of providers from which to choose.

When you sign-up for a account you receive a free for your WordPress as part of your package! Let our experts do the heavy work for you and have your migrated by us fast and hassle-free!