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The CloudFlare plans available with support , however you need to adjust how CloudFlare handle traffic for your website.

offers three types of certificates: WildCard EV Let’s Encrypt WildCard and EV certificates are offered as paid addition and can be o.

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The range of certificates offered at will now consist of Let’s Encrypt, Wildcard and Extended Validation (EV).

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FAQ (14). Using on Your Website (10). Cloudflare.

web hosting company announced the launch of a special promotion: hosting package including a free certificate.

How to use Let’s Encrypt at . We have created an interface in the cPanel for easy install and management of your Let’s

You can install a third party certificates through your account’s cPanel. Make sure that you have the certificate, CA bundle and the Private key, so you can complete the installation.

It helps you gain your clients’ trust and increase your web ‘s search engines rank. You can purchase a private from the Certificate page.