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jHackGuard Installed. Our custom plugin will keep hackers away.

In place of hosting, they’ve built their own cloud container platform, featuring thousands of containers and top-notch scalability and . All hosting service users benefit from…

For reasons that now pay off, we do not provide such access to our and cloud users. This means that even if you are on a KVM-based machine, we’ve still got you covered.

Advantages of Hosting. Ability to Create a Customize Plan

For users looking for added flexibility and beyond what come with shared hosting from , is not an option. The company does not offer hosting.

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Own firewall rules. We wrote 800+ WAF rules to fix zero day vulnerabilities in the last 12

In terms of , was the first to implement a unique isolation mechanism that protects from

Premium . We keep up to 30 backup copies of your website. Unlimited Websites.

Best WordPress support, speed and ! Provided by our team of WordPress hosting experts.