siteground upload max filesize



There is no limitation set for the which you can with cPanel’s File Manager.

Ralph Hosts All His Clients’ with . See All Customer Interviews.

By default, the __ is set to 2MB in XAMPP, maybe also in WAMP and EasyPHP.

post__. __. Note that the Cloud and Dedicated solutions provided by do not have such PHP limitations.

[post__] sets of post data allowed. This setting also affects . To large , this value must be larger than __.

Locate the php.ini inside the wp-admin directory (if you can’t find this see notes below). Find this line in the php.ini “__ = 2M” and replace it with a higher value (e.g. “__ = 64M”).

It’s a common error and it can be easily fixed. This error message is an indication of that the you are trying to is larger than your web host allows (WordPress default is 2 MB).