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The range of offered at will now consist of Let’s Encrypt, Wildcard and Extended Validation (EV).

offers three types of that you can choose from

Please mind that the you have now come with a dedicated IP and a dynamic seal, which is

You can install a third party through your account’s cPanel. Make sure that you have the , CA bundle and the Private key, so you can complete the installation.

The Knowledge Base has thousands of articles for on different topics including cPanel, WordPress, Joomla and other FAQs.

has been supporting the global initiative to create free for everybody Let’s Encrypt almost from its beginning.

Free from Let’s Encrypt Now Offered at . has announced the availability of Free Let’s Encrypt on all Shared Hosting Plans.

The can be purchased for “” and/or for

web hosting company announced the launch of a special promotion: hosting package including a free .

Firstly, your domain needs to have an . offers three types of that you can choose from – WildCard, EV and fr.