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The range of offered at will now consist of Let’s Encrypt, Wildcard and Extended Validation (EV).

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What types of does offer? How can I add seal ( image) on my front page?

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An serves as a digital “passport” that allows data to be transmitted over networks – protecting financial and credit card transactions, signups, web access to mail, sensitive information and intranets.

Fix : is just an internet protocol for privacy protection for websites. stands for which protect data.

Connection – Step by step guideline on how to fix all . Read more on , with easy solutions.

Free from Let’s Encrypt Now Offered at . has announced the availability of Free Let’s Encrypt on all Shared Hosting Plans. Cloud and Dedicated server implementation to follow soon.

has been supporting the global initiative to create free for everybody Let’s Encrypt almost from its beginning.

Previously, the only way to with was by using a paid .