siteground ssh port



The connection type should be selected to and the should be set to 18765 (for servers).

Go to your cPanel -> / Access icon and paste the VaultPress public key in Upload key

How to enable / Access in cPanel.

. Try less words? ie. Try something else, enter different phrase.

In order to establish a connection through WinSCP the support should be enabled.

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uses key-based authentication instead of plain username & password. The on ‘s servers is also 18765 instead of the default 22.

Some git clients won’t accept the fact that uses a non-standard for . The way to get around this is to create a ~/./config file with an entry for .

and Keys. ( ) is a network protocol that allows secure remote access over an encrypted connection.

To make access as as possible, has made additional tweaks such as changing the default , substituting password authorization with keys and many others.