siteground ssh access



The Hosting Services provided by offers you an advanced in-house developed technology, that gives you direct to your host server and strong protection…

uses key-based authentication instead of plain username & password.

( ) is a network protocol that allows a secure over an encrypted connection.

offers on all hosting solutions – Shared accounts, Cloud hosting and Dedicated servers. More information on how to use on the dif.

In this tutorial we will show you how to connect to your ‘s hosting account through using PuTTY. First, you need to login to your cPanel -> / and generate an …

From the / section the account owner will be able to generate, import and manage keys which are used for

and Keys. ( ) is a network protocol that allows secure remote over an encrypted connection.

has always been focused on providing feature-rich hosting solutions. As we continue expanding our extra services to portfolio, we have recently enabled on our shared…

provides for all hosting plans. Root , however is offered only on our Dedicated servers (without the Geeky features and Per.

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