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Change the base dir in your settings.php to point to your (public_html).

The Knowledge Base has thousands of articles for on different topics including cPanel, WordPress, Joomla and other FAQs.

Once the download is finished, you should connect to your FTP account, change your current working directory to the public_html one (this is the /main for your website)…

On ‘s servers, if a visitor tries to access a on your account without an index file (or

The tool is application aware, so it knows what files to expect from a WordPress installation. As a result, if you have additional items in your that are not part of what it…

I get prompted each part way through an Android build each time. If I manually selected the Android SDK , it just silently fails with nothing appearing in the output .

is one of the most recommended hosts in my list due to features and efforts just like this one.

Every other additional (addon or subdomain) has it’s own document which you get to

Windows doesn’t share the UNIX concept of a . Instead, each partition or device with file storage has its own .

does offer a free migration service, but if your is over 1GB, you will have to pay their $50 fee.