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Number of WordPress installs — WP Engine: one; : unlimited websites.

Affiliates are not to bid on keywords and phrases containing the “” trademark or any variations of the trademarked term on Pay per Click.

Whilst offer 4 preset plans, you can actually fully customize how many CPU Cores, and SSD Storage that you want. This can actually save you a few dollars, but also you to scale…

is a highly specialized WordPress hosting provider. They you to pick servers from one of their 3 different data centers located across the world.

Using their unique “staging” tools, you to create a virtual test copy of your to which you make changes.

The Knowledge Base has thousands of articles for on different topics including cPanel, WordPress, Joomla and other FAQs.

While they have four prebuilt plans ranging in price and specification the real benefit of ‘s Cloud hosting is the fact that you can configure the CPU, , and disk space independently.

One, is now able to easily attach or “move” volumes between servers in a matter of

– only a few accounts per server for GoGeek plan.