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Variables Manager is a unique tool created by that allows you to modify the settings in your hosting account.

In order to increase your WordPress , open the wp-config. file and locate this line

Increasing the via wp-config.. Before you increase the of WordPress, it’s useful to know how much is already allocated.

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Usually it’s when I deal with large files and don’t necessarily care about optimizing the file reading process but simply getting the file opened. There’s an easy way to increase to amount of allowed to right in your script: ini_set(‘_’,’16M’)

leaks are not always easy to deal with. You will have to do lots of research and analysis to find the plugins that could be causing your issues.

What is my ? Does support HTTP Authorization? Is Safe Mode turned Off on ’s servers. How to enable zlib compression manually for scripts. How to install Smarty Template Engine. Services.

Note: Increasing ‘- ‘ is different from increasing ‘-upload’ size . You can learn to increase upload size here. The standard requirements for Drupal core are a bare minimum.