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In this video tutorial we will show you how to setup and manage your in the Apple application.

In this tutorial we will provide you with detailed instruction on how to configure your account with to work on your Mac application.

A block imposed by the recipient host. This might be a block based on your domain, or the IP of your . If your ‘s IP is blocked, can assist in having the block removed.

Leave a copy of retrieved message on the can be selected if you wish to save your messages on as well.

In order to provide the most secure services to the customers has integrated the SpamExperts solutions on our shared and business . In this way the incoming and – messages are filtered and the delivery of spam is prevented.

(SMTP ): Please, set the SMTP port to 25 or 2525. (Read more about Port 25).

Incoming : the for incoming should be the subdomain of your domain name – for example

Open Apple . Manage .

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