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How to renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate? Let’s encrypt certificates issued by are automatically renewed by us until they are canceled.

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I have a multisite on hosted on . I was able to install an SSL but the don’t render as “https.” I got this message from Support…

Fork of golang/go to retain CSR parsing semantics. See

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has been great for my websites. They “get” WordPress managed hosting without limiting users the way a number of other managed hosts do.

A short guide for people who want to have their web certified by Let’s Encrypt but can’t or don’t want to use the fully automated method of the tool.

So now is installed, doesn’t yet support nGinx and since that’s what I’m using I’ll assume that’s what you’re using…

$ sudo passwd . Also, create a new group called (or whatever you like) so that you can assign permissions that only members (and root) may use.