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All installations you make through install tools will be listed in the – tool by default.

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: has now launched – for applications as well! All our users can now enjoy the same benefits and subscribe for free – of their application from the – tool in their cPanel.

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‘s awesome “! -” and “WordPress -” tool monitors new releases of ! and WordPress and your website as soon as a new release is out.


Only customers can benefit from the special that we have developed. Any 3 installed on our servers can be kept up-to-date so you never miss an important security release and risk having your website hacked!

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Allows Order Status . There’s a file in/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/ which is called worldpay_notify.php.

If you are a customer, you can turn on our – service from the cPanel, which makes the core and plugin for you and saves the hassle.