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The most important mechanism for page speed is browser . Most of the static files

services are unique and set it apart from most web hosting services. Using the powerful inbuilt Varnish is dead easy.

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‘s SuperCacher Static is now enabled on all plans, including their Startup plan making their hosting much faster.

SuperCacher Update — New Checker. have launched an update to it’s NGINX SuperCacher for WordPress Users.

How I Optimized My To Load In 200ms With 100% Pingdom + GTmetrix Scores. Hosting. WP Rocket Settings. W3 Total Settings.

The service starts with your websites’ static content. On this tutorial page, you will find more information on how to use the Static feature of the SuperCacher service.

In 2012 we released a WordPress plugin. Its purpose was to connect the WordPress installations of our users with our service – the Super.

/** * Trigger a purge when saving through a frontend form.