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The on the of a single message on ‘s shared servers is set to 80MB.

Sending . There is a to that you can send out each day. This is to control potential spammers and prevent abuse while maintaining server balance and integrity of the host.

– Options in CPanel. Accounts – allows you to create – accounts, define passwords and quotas for them.

Since provides cPanel-based hosting, we will show you how to use the Accounts tool in cPanel to register new addresses.

Web Hosting services are suitable for hosting small to medium- websites and the

A block imposed by the recipient host. This might be a block based on your domain, or the IP of your server. If your server’s IP is blocked, can assist in having the block removed.

‘s shared hosting solutions have a default of 400 sent per hour as per our terms of service. In case your Joomla! applica.

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The exact steps to follow when setting up an account in some of the more popular clients are available in ‘s Tutorials.