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has stopped offering the free registration.

registration is necessary for a website, an email or another web service. However you don’t have to always register a new .

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If you have your pointed elsewhere, but you wish to have your mail handled by your web hosting provider (e.g. .com), you can easily achieve this by pointing your ‘s MX (Mail eXchange) record to your host.

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How to Make Your New Registrar. Transfer Benefits. transfer is an extra service that makes managing your hosting and more convenient since it spares you the need to communicate with two separate organizations.

So what is wrong with .com? Even though .com links to a that has no negative reviews about them, they are out there.

As long as your is registered through there will be no problem to change its servers. This can be done from your User Area -> My Accounts -> Manage (next to the you want) -> Your DNS.

Type in your desired or existing , and click “Proceed.”