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In addition to that, especially when people install their applications manually, they forget to their after the files are completely

Through the Drop action you can the whole table and all the records stored in it. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the phpMyAdmin Project or its trademark owners.

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When I force-pushed MY Git repo from localhost to , it all the WordPress files along with the uploads directory. (remember how all the tutorials tell you to backup your files and …

is experienced in providing technical support to MySQL .

To a MySQL , you’ll need to use your root user or a user with privileges. Enter “mysql -u yourusernamehere -p” in the MySQL terminal, enter your password when prompted…

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Through this software you can create, alter, drop, , import and export MySQL tables.

has introduced a new backup restore solution which will allow the customers to restore their files, and e-mails from the available backups of their accounts.

You can edit or the record by clicking on the corresponding icons.