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If your domain is not registered by , contact your registrar and request the WHOIS information . Enabling Domain Privacy.

Then, you need to point the existing domain to your hosting . You have to your domain’s (NS) to the proper values from the control panel of your domain registrar…

If you are not using ‘s with a domain hosted in your account, you will have to that domain’s MX records with its current DNS provider.

How you your depends on where your domain is registered and where your website is registered.

…new domain to your on namecheap DNS on namecheap Finding your DNS on .

to the DNS records or of your domain.

You need access to the Control Panel to domain settings. Log in to your account and click ‘Manage Account.’ Here, you will find the of .

How to Setup a Godaddy Domain Name on Hosting Account – Duration: 4:54.

If you are using ‘s with your domain, you can its MX records from cPanel -> MX Entry.