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To leverage your browser’s generally means that you can specify how long web browsers

The most important mechanism for page speed is browser . Most of the static files

This tutorial will provide a detailed introduction of the ‘s advanced web optimization solution called SuperCacher.

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The Dynamic is the most complex solution. Its purpose is to all resources on your even if they are dynamically

SuperCacher is a web service that we developed internally and exclusively at . It sits in front of your web server (e.g. Apache).

The Knowledge Base has thousands of articles for on different topics including cPanel, WordPress, Joomla and other FAQs.

This means that when you delete your WP Rocket , it will automatically purge our dynamic too. Next, we have a special promotion valid for customers.

Since the CachePress plugin acts as a connector for our SuperCacher service, we decided to alert our customers in case the Dynamic is not working for their .

Enabling Varnish . To get started with server-side , log into your account and access cPanel. Once in, select the “SuperCacher” icon from either the “ Improvement Tools”…