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Primary Domain Change – You can change the primary for your account to another one.

1. Login to your User Area 2. Click on My Accounts section 3. Select the option Go to cPanel then Proceed 4. Click on in the section 5. Go to Add a Record and Choose SRV from the drop down menu 6. You will see the following form

While using ‘s servers your will be pointed to your hosting account, and its active will be situated on your hosting server.

The offers three main record types

You can however use the to work with the entries for your hosting . If you had a a different question in mind, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.

is a more powerful version of Simple available upon request to our Business Hosting and Reseller clients.

. Skip to end of metadata.


If you are not a customer, you should be able to your servers from the control panel at your host/ Registrar.

uses files that reside on our server to map to IP addresses. The Simple allows you to quickly and easily add A records or CNAME records as well as offering you the ability to remove any records that you had created using this tool. The is…