point godaddy domain to siteground



It accepts names from other registrars such as . All you have to do is your existing your account.

Transfer . Manage and Add New .

How to Setup a Name on Hosting Account 🛈⏬Learn how to setup a name on your hosting account.

Setting Up an External . If you already have a name, registered elsewhere, and you want to use it with , first you need to transfer your to us. Then, you need to the existing your hosting server.

There are two options to your website – you can use ‘s name servers with your , or you can just update the ‘s A record to to your hosting account’s IP address.

For this setup to work your must also to your hosting account. If you are using ‘s name servers with your , you can change its MX records from cPanel -> MX Entry.

Most of the Small Business or blogger’s first choice is Bigrock because of its trust in Indian customers and great offers. In my earlier . I Already mentioned about how Simple it is to a from .

Up next, your new .