point dns to siteground



Along with managing your existing , lets you easily add new parked and addon .

While using ‘s servers your will be to your hosting account, and its active zone will be situated on your host server. You will be able to manage your ‘s records with the Zone Editor in cPanel.

& .

How to use your existing domain with . Using your existing with is easy! You simply have to it to your account by replacing your old host settings with the ones.

Some Of Our Clients Do Not Want To Their Name Servers.

You can manage the administrative aspects of your (like settings and contact information) by going to the User Area → My Accounts → Manage .

For this setup to work your must also to your hosting account. If you are using ‘s servers with your , you can change its MX records from cPanel -> MX Entry. Otherwise the MX change must be done with your ‘s current host.

Changes to the records or name servers of your domain. Every time you use a on your computer its information will be stored in cache.

While the main purpose of the is to to IP addresses, a PTR record works in the opposite way – it associates an IP with a .

Setting up (connecting) (from Godaddy) to a web hosting (from ) 🛈⏬Hi guys, in this video I will show you how to set up the address of your and connect it to your