if u register a domain on siteground do u own it



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You can new through for $14.95, or you can transfer one over for free when you begin the registration process.

Once inside, find ‘Addon ’. Fill in the fields below. The ‘New Name’ is the you have just bought, exactly as you , but without the http part.

If I already name, Can I use that to with ?

You can renew your name through from your User Area > My accounts > names.

names made up of keywords that a shopper might use when searching for your product. For example, if your company sells file folders, you might manilafolders.com and filesupplies.com (sorry, those are already taken).

Setting Up an External . If you already have name, elsewhere, and you want to use with , first you need to transfer your to us. Then, you need to point the existing to your hosting server.

Once you have the right plan allowing addon functionality and the name is you need to set up your addon through the cPanel -> Addon section in order to activate .

To create your website you’ll need to have your name. People can then type that into their browser and see your website.