how to remove backups in siteground



restore a created by ’s script. often is my website by and can I access the copy? restore my public_html directory?

Before , I was on Godaddy. One day someone hacked my and all the data from my account.

As you can see, the Akeeba component comes with additional plugins. all of them, select the checkbox fields next to each extension and click on the Uninstall button, located in the top menu.

Softaculous: Scripts.

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Softaculous: Scripts.

However, I use as my web host and they automatically take regular of my on my behalf. So I decided to do a full restore of my entire WordPress folder using the most recent automatic . Here’s I managed it

Joomla Extensions.

Why a Full Cpanel ? transfers 1 completely free fro you, it is included in the contract. But I had 6 .

Learn Use The Cron Jobs Tool To Schedule Execution Of Commands.