how to point a domain to siteground



Transfer . Manage and Add New .

use your existing with . Using your existing name with is easy! You simply have it to your account by replacing your old host DNS settings with the ones.

All you have to do your website to a “Coming soon” page is create a simple index.html file in the document root directory of your website.

A forwarding will only forward to another , at which that main will take over and be displayed by the browser.

you do this depends on who your is registered with, however it should be as simple as changing your nameserver settings on your registrar to your new host. If you have shared hosting…

In some cases you may want a new name to a subdomain on your account.

To transfer your name , it should first meet several criteria: The name must be in “Active” status.

Then, you need the existing your hosting server.

the registered at Namecheap . your name to your website from Namecheap, you need to login to both your Namecheap and accounts.

It accepts names from other registrars such as GoDaddy. All you have to do is your existing your account.