how to connect domain names to siteground server



to your hosting account you will need your FTP login details.

FTP : enter your here or the of the hosting where your account resides (e.g.

Add New and Manage Your Existing Ones.

MX Record Configuration (3). Email Client Configuration (21). FTP.

Some Of Our Clients Do Not Want To Point Their Dns . This Tutorial Will Teach You Setup Cloudflare To Work With Your

For this setup to work your must also point to your hosting account. If you are using ‘s with your , you can change its MX records from cPanel -> MX Entry.

Learn Point Your Mx Records To Your Mail .

In this tutorial we will show you to your ‘s hosting account through SSH using PuTTY.

Setting Up an External . If you already have a , registered elsewhere, and you want to use it with , first you need to transfer your to us. Then, you need to point the existing to your hosting .

can I transfer a from one account to another? I receive the error ‘You have entered an invalid EPP code’ error when I try to transfer my .