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Fixing The Dreaded ‘ ’ in WordPress. By Daniel Pataki.

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If it is, the message is usually the ideal wake up call. The thought that the could have a sudden problem usually scares people into the habit of creating regular backups.

“ .” The longer your website is down, the more traffic you’ll lose. And that could mean lost subscribers, lost customers, and ultimately lost revenue.

Что означает « »? Для начала давайте посмотрим на то, как WordPress отображает ваш сайт, и тогда станет ясно, почему эта ошибка настолько разрушительная.

is one of the most common that cause your to temporarily be inaccessible is the .

Step by Step guide to fix ‘ ‘ WordPress .

“ ”. For each minute that your website is down, you’re losing the chance to generate leads, have conversions, and enjoy sales. The gravity of the situation is serious, but don’t panic!

Example of . When visitors try to access your while this is happening it will generate a 500 HTTP status code in your logs. This same status code appears when there is an “internal server ”.

Learn about the MySQL/MariaDB ” ” or “Unable to to server,” and how to fix this . Make Sure MySQL is Running. If MySQL has stopped running, scripts and websites will be unable to .