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‘ ’ is a commonly noted error message in email programs when users attempt to send mails without proper authentication. This is a security measure to protect mail server from open .

You will see the ‘ – ’ error when you try to send an email from an email client, which does not have outgoing email authentication enabled. This is a default setting in most mail clients like Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.

All are error .

This computer code is used by the vendor to identify the mistake caused. This outlook error includes a numeric fault amount and a specialized description.

You’ll receive a ‘ ’ error message, through your email client, when authentication with our mail server failed. This is an indication that you are not authenticating with the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)…

I tried to simulate incoming message on my SMTP server – and I failed, getting status code – . So my question is, what’s the difference between me and some other unknown SMTP server trying to contact mine to…

As with many errors, there may be a number of causes behind a ‘ ‘ error. Here are some common ones: You’re trying to send mail through our mail servers without authentication.

If you are our customer and are attempting to send an email from one of our servers and you receive the message , it means you have not authenticated yourself. Depending on the software you are using…

What does the error message “ – ” mean? Our mail servers have a safeguard called “SMTP authentication”, which performs another password query at the mail server when sending e-mails.

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